Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Life in the Sixth Form

Sixth Form Prospectus

Common Room

We have a special Common Room area just for sixth formers. This is your space to relax in and socialise with friends, or do private work if you please. We do ask that respect is paid to the room, and to those wishing to study in it, however we also want you to have your independence from the lower school and to feel comfortable here.

We also have a dedicated ICT suite and a quiet study room just for Post 16. These are there for you to actively engage in your learning and independently study outside of lessons,

Pastoral Care

Sixth Form students have dedicated Sixth Form Academic Tutors who are responsible for small groups of students. Tutors monitor the progress of students and are the first point of contact for advice and support on academic and other issues. All Sixth Form students have a daily educational development session with their tutors. During this session tutors advise, provide learning and/or time-management strategies and if necessary, arrange for the student to receive subject specialist support or wellbeing advice. Tutors regularly review attendance, punctuality and behaviour and are available to meet with parents. Sixth Form students are role models for younger students and are expected to fully contribute to the life of the Academy.

Attendance & Punctuality

Students must arrive at the Academy for 8:25am ready for the Year Group Meeting which begins at 8:30am. 

Students who are persistently late to class or who absent themselves without good reason will be jeopardising their place in Post 16.

If there is a legitimate reason for a student’s absence, we ask that parents provide a note to this effect. Absences may be legitimated in three ways:

  • A phone call to our Post 16 absence line (07970963792)
  • A phone call to the school office (01274 362050)
  • A letter to be handed to your son/daughter’s tutor or by email, to

Supervised Study Periods

Students will have on their timetables periods that are classified as Free, ie non-contact periods. We expect that students will use this time for private study and that any non-contact periods in the morning will be spent on the school site. 

Part-Time Work

We recognise that many students will want to take up part-time employment and this can be a positive way of learning time-management skills.   Any part-time job must not be to the detriment of studies a maximum of 10 hours per week is advised and work commitments should be reduced during exam periods.

Post 16 Bistro

Students can enjoy cold and warm snacks in the comfort of their own common room during break and lunch. A set lunch can be purchased from the main canteen.