Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Guidance For Year 13 Students

What should Year 13 students be doing now?

Whether you are planning on going to university or not, take this opportunity to do as much research about your chosen pathway as you can. Prepare yourself by doing additional reading about the subject or by completing courses that will complement your learning.

There are lots of online courses you can do that will be beneficial to you once your Higher Education/Apprenticeships have started so use your time wisely and take advantage of all the free additional learning you have available for you.

Use the link below to access courses that might appeal to you. Also access the university websites where you have applied to see if they offer any specific courses/webinars for that particular university.

  • Future Learn ( is currently the UK's biggest MOOC provider. MOOC’s are open online courses that you can do free of charge. Future learn offer free short courses, and 'programs' which are made up of a number of free courses to give you more in-depth knowledge on a subject.
  • EtonX ( You can request access to a valuable EtonX course, ‘Creative Problem Solving’, which has been provided by Eton College free of charge during lockdown. Other ccourses available are CV Writing, Interview Skills, Making an Impact, Resilience, Research Skills and Writing Skills.
  • Free First Aid qualification from the Virtual College – Restart a Heart
  • TED Talks in areas of academic interest (