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Well done Year 7!

Well done Year 7!

Year 7 have made a great start to their secondary education this half term!

From the nervous young students who arrived with us on that first day, we now have a confident year group who can find their way around the academy and who are getting more familiar with our systems and structures. 

We have some great achievements to celebrate too!  Most students are recognising the importance of being in school every day and are showing how resilient they are by keeping their attendance at 100%.

Our students have completed baseline assessments to help our staff establish the individual learning needs of each and every learner; students are now settled in sets and busy working hard with our KS3 curriculum.



We also had a fantastic visit to Nell Bank too! I really enjoyed spending some quality time with my year group, watching their collaboration and team building skills come to life during all of the outdoor activities, as well as see them having so much fun! Once again, Nell Bank staff were really impressed with our students, so well done Year 7! They made me proud. I would also like to thank our parents for supporting this trip.


It was also lovely to see so many parents attend our Year 7 Pastoral Parents Evening. This was a great opportunity for parents to chat with form tutors and find out how their child had initially settled in to secondary school life with us, so thank you for supporting us with that. Our Year 7 Academic Parents Evening will follow later in the year, where you will be able to make appointments with all your child’s subject teachers to discuss levels and progress; a letter will be sent home nearer the time for this.

I hope Year 7 have a lovely, well deserved and safe half term break!


Mrs Mackenzie-Jones

Year 7 Achievement Leader/In Charge of Transition