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Shakespeare Schools Festival

Shakespeare Schools Festival

A fantastic appraisal of our students' performance of The Tempest at the Shakespeare Schools Festival in November






The Tempest by Oasis Academy Lister Park

The Studio, Alhambra Theatre

21st November 2018

Appraised by Tori Burgess


I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Oasis Academy Lister Park for your fantastic production of The Tempest as part of the 2018 Shakespeare Schools Festival. It was a brilliant night of theatre and I’d like to highlight just a few elements that really stood out.

What I really like about your company is the way you throw yourselves into drama projects. You impressed me in your company workshop; demonstrating a passion for performing and even wanting to share an extract from another project at the end of the session. 

I thought your Tempest was brave, bold and exciting. I love how fearless you were with your characterisations and how they stamped your own personalities into each character. I know that actors had total responsibility for their own costumes and I think everyone looked absolutely brilliant.

We also had technical students and a student director all of whom worked extremely hard - true professionals. A huge well done to them and a big thank you for your hard work.

This was a magical, colourful Tempest from a wonderful cast.

Performing Shakespeare’s words on a professional stage takes courage, resilience, and imagination. You and your teachers should all be incredibly proud of what you have achieved. 

I hope to see Oasis Academy Lister Park in the Festival again next year!

Tori Burgess