Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 10

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Knowledge Organiser

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  Year 10
Maths Foundation: Angles, Angles in a quadrilateral, Angles in parallel lines, Angles in polygons, Changing the subject, Collecting like terms, Conversion graphs, Distance time graphs, Inequalities, Linear equations, Probability listing outcomes, Probability, Simultaneous equations, Solving inequalities, Types of angle, Volume of a cuboid, Volume of a prism
Higher: 3D pythagoras, 3D trigonometry, Arc length, Area of a sector, Congruent shapes, Congruent triangles, Equations: letters on both sides, Exact trigonometric values, Equations: forming and solving, Pythagoras, Similar shapes: area/volume, Similar shapes: sides 1,Solving quadratics by factorising, Solving quadratics graphically, Surface area of a cone, Surface area of a sphere, Trigonometry, Volume of a cone, Volume of a pyramid, Volume of a sphere
Generic: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Number, Probability, Ratio
English Language Top tips for GCSE English, Paper 2 revision, KS4 revision book, English Language paper 1, English Language paper 2, English Language revision, Easter revision
English Literature English Literature revision, Easter revision 1, Easter revision 2, Easter revision 3, Paper 2 guidance, Poetry support booklet
Science Biology paper 1, Chemistry paper 1, Physics paper 1
RE The Trinity and the Six Beliefs of Islam, The Six Beliefs of Islam, The Trinity
Music Component 1: Exploring music products and styles, Task 1: styles, genres and techniques, Task 2: understanding chords and scales, Task 3: understanding rhythms and time signatures
Modern Foreign Languages

Urdu: Directions and places in my town

French: Reading and translation

History American West
Art Knowledge organiser, Human, Lego characters, Ways of improvement
Design and Technology

3D Design: Mobile phone holder toilet roll challenge

Food Technology: Quarantine cuisine, Food waste strategies

BTEC Health and Social Care Assignment brief, Care values, Care values that underpin current practice