Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Dress Code


Sixth Form students are role models to younger students and should set a good example.  They are expected to ensure that their overall appearance is of a professional standard suitable to a business environment.

Identification Badges

All Sixth Form students will be issued with a photo-card type Identification Badge attached to a 6th Form Lanyard which must be worn and visible at all times.  Lost badges must be replaced and will be charged for.

Dress Code for male students

  • A suit or smart jacket and tailored trousers.
  • Shirt and tie.
  • Plain round or ‘v’ neck jumpers or waistcoats are permitted under the jacket.
  • Smart leather or leather type shoes.

Dress code for female students

  • Jacket with matching skirt, dress or full length tailored trousers
  • Shirt or blouse with collar
  • Plain round or ‘V’ neck jumpers or cardigans are permitted under the jacket
  • Smart leather or leather type shoes
  • Skirts and dresses must be of an appropriate length

Unacceptable items

Any item that is deemed by the Sixth Form Staff as inappropriate in a formal business environment.  Including:

  • T – Shirts, sweatshirts, ‘hoodies’, jumpers with large logos
  • Denim jackets or biker type leather jackets
  • Shorts, dungarees, jeans, leggings, tracksuits
  • Trainers, boots, canvas shoes or flip flops
  • Coloured shoelaces
  • Expensive or obtrusive jewellery, nose studs, eye brow studs
  • Large earrings
  • Outlandish hair styles or colours (no shaved heads)
  • Patterns or shapes cut into hair or eyebrows
  • Tattoos should not be visible

It is beyond the scope of the dress code to provide guidance to cover every eventuality.  In the event of queries the Head of Sixth Form will act as the arbiter.  The Academy reserves the right to ask students who we deem to be dressed inappropriately to go home and change.