Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


It is our belief at Oasis Academy Lister Park that there our strong, varied and challenging curriculum not only opens up the mind of our young people to becoming life-long learners, but creates a culture of excellence throughout the hallways and classrooms.  We offer a knowledge rich curriculum, carved under the National Curriculum guidelines, which is both rigorous and robust, and supplemented by a wide and varied enrichment curriculum.

Throughout their time with us our young people will learn to love some of their subjects more than others, and really get a sense of value and purpose from those they aspire to take forward into further education or work. To that end we want to ensure that they are offered the chance to experience a wide array of subjects and find their passion and talent. Our curriculum currently covers over multiple subjects within the English, STEM, MFL Technology and Humanities umbrellas. Subjects include:

English Literature English Language Mathematics
Biology Chemistry Physics
Urdu French Physical Education
Art Music Drama
ICT Religious Education History
Geography PSHCE Enterprise
3D Design Food Technology Graphics



Here at Oasis Academy Lister Park, we believe that homework is an integral and important part of a child's education. Homework assists students in improving their academic skills and helps in the development of study skills. Homework involves parents/guardians in their child's education and helps them to monitor progress. Homework helps students develop values such as responsibility, independence, time management and perseverance. You can find your homework assignments here.

Marking and feedback

You child will receive regular feedback on their work across their subjects. This may be verbal feedback during lessons, written in their planners as praise for their behaviour or in formal marking in note form. We encourage peer-to-peer feedback too as a means to building positive communication skills, this is something our teachers undergo on a weekly basis also. Continuous feedback can be just as valuable, if not more so, than an overall grade. We want to ensure that our students feel comfortable in the knowledge that they are performing at a certain level, and with encouragement from us - go on to reach their potential. 

Options Process

Here at Oasis Academy Lister Park we are passionate about ensuring our young people are not only given a choice in their future but feel empowered and informed about what their options are. 

At the end of year 8, students are invited to think about their option choices for their GCSEs, and will make their decisions in Year 9. We ensure that our young people are given all the information they need and feel fully informed about the pathways and choices they can make to best suit their passions and talents. 

A Pathway’s evening is held, to which parents and carers are invited to attend with their child and, with plenty of guidance and support from our experienced staff, students are encouraged to select subjects which they both excel at and enjoy.  Course descriptions are provided, as well as forms that should be completed and returned to the Academy detailing the child's preferred subjects.


Lesson Planning and Curriculum Overviews