Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Food bank information

Free meal and food bank services

-   Windhill Community Centre (Shipley) have cancelled their courses but are staying open to provide free meals between 9am and 10:30am for breakfast, 12:30am and 1pm for lunch and then 4pm and 5pm. Their number is 01274 588831.  Please visit their Facebook page for up to date information.

-   Café West in Allerton are operating a cooked meal delivery service to local families and their number is 01274 488499. They hope to be able to deliver enough meals to last families five days.  However, they are in need of donations of store foods, for example, tins, packets, flour etc. and desperately need food containers if anyone is able to help.

-   The Salvation Army in Keighley will be continuing to provide food parcels.  From this coming week they will be operating a delivery service instead of parcels being collected. If you are a vulnerable family and would like to use this service please email the academy with details on and we will then refer the family.  This service works on a referral process.


All of these organisations will be in need of donations of food and other items, as will all the usual foodbanks, even more than they usually are so if you are able to help or spread the word then please do so.

Food provisions available

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