Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Leadership

Restorative Ambassadors

Oasis Lister Park has a number of trained Restorative Ambassadors in the Academy in Years 8 to 11. Students arriving into Year 7 from feeder schools where they have had leadership roles will also be trained as Ambassadors in the first term. The Ambassadors have been trained in Restorative Practice and have contributed to our planning for school improvement.

The Ambassadors have been identified as having leadership potential and they work with staff to develop their skills, whilst promoting a positive culture across the academy as partners in learning with the staff.

The Ambassadors have the opportunity to plan and participate in assemblies, take part in student voice activities and play a positive role by contributing to our Restorative Culture. They have all been trained in the use of Restorative Practice so that they can mediate where appropriate in and out of class using Restorative Questions.

Being an Ambassador is an opportunity to play a responsible and leading role in our academy culture and to develop the communication and leadership skills that are sought after by employers, universities and other organisations.

The group of Restorative Ambassadors will grow over time so that the opportunity to play this leading role will be open to all students with the will to make this positive contribution.