Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Attendance and Punctuality

The Oasis Attendance Target is 96%.

Can we please ask parents/carers to support the Academy by only allowing their child to be absent when necessary?  Please do not condone absences for birthdays, day trips, looking after siblings.  If your child has a medical or dental appointment, please try to get them into school before or after the appointment instead of taking a full day off.

My child is on 90% attendance, that is good isn’t it?

Broken down it is the equivalent of……

  • Each week – missing half a day
  • Each academic year – missing almost four weeks
  • Over five academic years – missing almost half an academic year

Illness, Accidents, Medicines and Signing out of the Academy

If your child is too ill to come to the Academy, please ring the attendance line on 01274 362050 (Option 1)  on the first morning of absence.  A call should then be made for each day of absence that follows.

If you are experiencing any problems getting your child into school, please let the Academy know; we can then work together to resolve any issues.

During the Academy day if, at any time, you feel unwell or have an accident you must inform a teacher straight away. If you require medical treatment your teacher will call for a session manager who will take you to see a trained First Aider. The First Aider will assess your condition and make a decision whether or not you can remain in the Academy. If you are being sent home, then the Academy will contact your parent/carer to make suitable arrangements.


If you need to take any form of medication at the Academy you need to bring a letter from your parent/carer explaining what the medication is for and when you need to take it. All medication should be taken in the presence of a designated First Aider.

Signing Out

Under no circumstances should any student leave the Academy for any reason without permission and following the correct procedures. If you need to leave the Academy to attend to a medical appointment then you will need to bring official confirmation of that appointment and show it to the Attendance office.

If there are other reasons for you needing to leave during the Academy day then your parent/carer is required to call the Academy in advance explaining the reason.