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Here you will find our current homework schedule. This section will be regularly updated so you are able to see what homework your child has been given each week.

Year 7

English History Urdu Science
Maths French ICT Performing Arts
yyyGeographyGeographyGeography Term 1 Geography Term 2    

Year 8

English Maths Science Urdu
French Music ICT Drama

Year 9

Maths (Foundation) Maths (Higher) BTEC Sport Urdu
History Product Design French Drama
Music English    

Year 10

Maths (Foundation) Maths (Higher) English Literature Music
ICT Urdu History BTEC Sport
French Product Design    

Year 11

English English Literature Maths (Foundation) Maths (Higher)
English AQA ICT BTEC Sport Music
NCFE Craft French Revision Timetable    

Post 16

Year 13 BTEC Sport